Time Tunnel Comics, Toys and Games of Hickory, NC began as a small retailer with a 500 sq ft space in a strip mall on Springs Rd. The year was 2001. The country had a new president and 9/11 had not even occurred. Hickory had just witnessed the demise of it's largest comic shop which was located for years in Valley Hills Mall. Edwin Price Jr and Eddie Price III had a vision of a Mom and Pop's type old style comic shop from the 1970s-80's.

We desired to sell new, backissue and special collector comics. We both had played Magic the Gathering for years. So, when we opened for business we also stocked about 3-4 boxes of Magic. Those included Revised Ed, The Dark and a couple of the newest releases. lol. Turns out that Magic sold like hotcakes, and we added more stock. And very soon people were clamoring for the new Yugioh game too. Blue Eyes White Dragon flew off our shelves. We also stocked comic supplies, card singles, accessories, and dice.

Then along came a game called Mage Knight that prospered for a year or two and then died out completely. Soon there after it was replaced by Heroclix - which is still quite popular. We continued to expand our stock to include action figures, old toys and vintage Star Wars items. Finally our little store was so overfilled with stock we didn't have room to hardly move around. All gaming tourneys had to be done after closing time. So, after much thought about the risk, effort and $$$ required, in 2003 we moved 1/2 way across town to a space 2 1/2 times bigger in Hickory Corners Shopping Center. That's where we reside to this day.

That's over 13 years in business in Hickory. Yes, we're a stable business with a desire to please our loyal customers. We've continued to grow and add stock. We co-sponsor the semi-annual Hickory Con Comic Shows which are always well attended. We sell mail order. We setup at other Comic Shows too. And, we always try to provide our clientele with the BEST prices possible. Check out the competition if you have doubts.

Finally, a word about our unique name "Time Tunnel.". It was taken from a shortlived 1960s Sci-Fi TV show. Our store is in fact a bit of a time machine. You can walk in any time and buy a 50 year old comic or a brand new comic. You can pick up gaming cards or packs that have been out if print for years. You can buy a vintage Star Wars toy like you got for Christmas in 1977. So, when you step into our front door you never know exactly what year products you may see. Try that at China Mart. Thanks to everyone for all the good years of fun and drop by the store as often as you can.